About the Health eProfile Platform

Personal data, especially health data, should be clearly defined in the way it's managed and utilized, but companies have taken control, leaving consumers/patients at a severe disadvantage. Health eServices is here to change that, providing a better and more efficient way to capture, monetize, and sell your personal health data.

A "health eprofile" is the abstract manifestation of your personal goal to be the master of your health and health data. The Health eProfile platform provides consumers and patients with tools and services for storing, managing, and exchanging personal health information. Health eProfile supports electronic patient engagement and consumer-directed health information exchange. Plain and simple. The personal health data you store in your Health e-Profile is yours. We won't sell it, look at it, or ask you about it unless you want us to. We are here to help you put your data to work for you. Health e-Profile is your service for privately and securely storing and managing all of your personal health and fitness data.

Key Highlights

  • Health eProfile, developed by Health eServices, Inc., was founded by experienced health industry and fintech entrepreneurs.
  • Our solutions incentivize consumers/patients to actively manage and sell their personal health information.
  • We also enable buyers to legitimately acquire and leverage valuable health data.

You Need Control of Your Health Data

Our personal health data is just that – personal. But we often fail to have control over it, how it’s used, and who can access it for their benefit.

As the data brokering industry skyrockets to $250 billion, we continue to have limited control while businesses make billions from our data.

It’s time for a platform to address this problem. It’s time for a system that establishes consumer-facing data valuations and exchange – a system that drives real change.

Capture, Monetize, and Sell Your Data

Health eProfile solves these problems with a platform that provides consumers with the ability to control and directly benefit from their data.

With Health eServices, consumers and patients can:

  • Capture their personal health data
  • Monetize their personal health data
  • Sell their personal health data

How it Works

The Health eProfile platform was founded with the belief that consumers/patients should be able to collect and establish ownership of their personal health data – and, if they wish, sell it on the open market.

Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. App collects personal health data - Shows summary of data collected and value on the market
  2. Connects to the Health eBroker market - Buyers use platform to find wanted data / datasets to purchase
  3. Pays for consumer/patient data - Posts transaction to a public blockchain and confirms consent and usage contract

Invest in Health eProfile

Health eServices is actively raising funds to develop out the Health eProfile platform. We are on an important mission to change the way personal health data is captured, monetized and sold.

As we proceed along this incredible journey, our upcoming platform beta will allow us to capture further markets. As a result, we will become the trusted service and index in the domain of personal health data brokerage.

Will you join us in forever changing the future of personal data? 

For more information on this investment opportunity, please contact: Nathan Botts, [email protected]